About Us

The Jacana cannabis farm

Our JACANA Life farm tours showcase Jamaica’s finest cannabis from our 100-acre organic farm in the mountains of St Ann. Witness the powers of nature and learn about how we produce the purest, happiest, most natural cannabis on earth.

Interested in our JACANA Life farm tours?

We make all our products, from seed-to-store. The secret starts at the JACANA farm, where our cannabis is farm-born, sun-grown, and river-fed high-quality formulas. Immerse yourself in the heritage of our premium cannabis and end the day by enjoying an Organic Farm-to-Table lunch.

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Jacana is more than cannabis

It’s the techniques perfected and passed down through generations of ganja farmers. It’s the love affair between people and a plant, persevering through times of prohibition and misinformation. It’s the black, gold and green, and the rhythm of the One Drop. 

JACANA is more than cannabis. It is Jamaica.
  • 10,000 sq ft processing facility
  • CO2 and ethanol extraction capabilities
  • EU-GMP built manufacturing facility
  • CLA Tier 2 processing license
  • GPP and TGO93 compliant
  • 100 acre organic farm
  • Proprietary cultivars developed for equatorial climates
  • Modular cultivation approach, utilising sun-grown, organic & sustainable practices
  • CLA Tier 3 cultivation license
  • GACP certified
Dispensary & Distribution
  • World-leading branded cannabis and wellness products
  • 4 Jacana dispensaries in Jamaica
  • 70+ distribution partners in Jamaica
  • Wholesale & white label distribution
  • Medical cannabis in accordance with EU quality standards
  • International distribution of flower, resin, API, extracts & distillates

Our Values


We are dedicated to producing the finest cannabis that meets internationally recognized standards.


Nature has the best answers, so JACANA’s cannabis is organically and as naturally as possible.


Jamaica is to cannabis as Cuba is to cigars — it’s simply the gold standard.


We are proud to be one of the most sustainable cannabis farms in the world.


We are committed to supporting and strengthening the Jamaican community.

Celebrating the spirit of Jamaica

By spearheading one of the world’s fastest-growing industry, JACANA is transforming what was once an unregulated market, into a powerful solution for consumers worldwide.

Our farm tours are a one-of-a-kind look into how JACANA cultivates, develops and distributes premium cannabis/hemp products globally – a celebration of the healing powers of nature and an ode to the spirit of Jamaica