Jacana Dispensary Locations

Visit the finest Jamaican cannabis experience at one of our four JACANA dispensary locations on the island.

Jamaica Cannabis 

Having opened our first retail location in 2019, the JACANA dispensaries have grown – each offering a unique experience with a consistently high standard of products.

Visit one of our four Jamaica cannabis dispensaries and explore our range of options that meet international standards.

With the help of our friendly budtenders, you can select your choice of raw flower, pre-rolled flower, cartridges, and vaporizers with a diverse variety of strains available, each with its own flavor profile, benefits, and effects.

What defines a leading dispensary in Jamaica?

Being recognized as a leading dispensary in Jamaica doesn’t happen overnight. It requires years of experience in the cannabis industry, and an intimate understanding of local and international regulations, laws, and safety standards to ensure each customer can experience Jamaican weed risk-free.

JACANA is a licensed dispensary and is certified to grow weed locally. All our products are tested by third parties to ensure that we consistently deliver what we promise: exceptional cannabis with no additives or harmful chemicals that contain exactly what’s on the label – each and every time.