Jacana Cannabis

We divide our premium cannabis products into four groups: Joy, Peace and Passion. That way, you get the effects you want, and none that you don’t want.   

Through our passionate, and — some might even say — obsessive devotion to providing you with the most elevated cannabis experience possible, we have zeroed in on the best strains for every situation. Our product curation system is just one more way we’ve got you covered.

Jacana Joy Cannabis Flower


The Sativa Collection that inspires fun, creativity and laughter.


The Indica collection that encourages rest and relaxation.


The Hybrid Collection that stimulates the senses to increase pleasure and connection.

Product Types


510 Cartridges & Vape Pens

Rolled Flower & Six Pack

For the most elevated cannabis experience, look no further. Our JACANA Cannabis collection has been curated to activate the body’s natural receptors and deliver your desired effect.

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