Jacana Wellness

JACANA’s CBD wellness range features a collection of the finest hemp-derived products, empowered with authentic Jamaican ingredients to provide natural wellness and therapy for your mind, body & soul.

Our collection of wellness products are designed for the challenges of an overstimulated modern life. In a world more connected than ever, contemporary research is shining a light on natural solutions as a viable alternative to artificial products. Our CBD products are designed to integrate into your lifestyle to elevate your holistic well-being the natural way, the sustainable way, the right way.

Organically produced hemp, grown in the heart of Jamaica.

All-natural ingredients, sustainably sourced.

Quality tested, allergen and chemical free. 

Our Wellness Products


CBD Relief Balm

CBD Lubricant

CBD Massage Oil

Our Wellness collection caters to those seeking the therapeutic and healing properties from CBD. Science-backed formulations designed to naturally harmonize the body’s ecosystem.

JACANA Wellness is now available in the USA

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