The Finest Jamaican Cannabis

Jamaica is to cannabis as Cuba is to cigars – it’s simply the gold standard.

Creating the finest Jamaican cannabis is an art. It’s the technique perfected and passed down through generations of ganja farmers. It’s the love affair between people and a plant, persevering through times of prohibition and misinformation. It’s the black, gold and green, and the rhythm of the One Drop.

JACANA is more than cannabis. It is Jamaica.

All Natural

Organically Grown

100% Made in Jamaica

International Quality Standards

Seed to Store

The Jacana Way

From seed to store, JACANA is dedicated to producing the world’s most natural cannabis products, sun-grown in harmony with nature, empowering not just those who use it but also those who grow it.

Jacana Cannabis Farm Staff
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The JACANA Brands

A family of the finest Jamaican cannabis brands to fit different preferences and lifestyles. That way, you get exactly what you want and none of what you don’t want.

Jacana Cannabis

The finest cannabis experience, crafted from seed to store.

Jacana CBD Wellness

Jacana Wellness

The finest organic CBD wellness products made with love, powered by plants.


Jacana Original

Our classic collection of house ganja strains, developed to grow all year round

Jacana Mushrooms

Jacana Mushrooms

Feel your magic with our new range of organic psilocybin mushrooms products. 

Jacana Dispensaries

The finest Jamaican cannabis

We’re committed to transforming the historical narrative about cannabis, unwinding stigma, bringing the benefits of this miraculous plant to the fore, and representing the very best of Jamaican cannabis on a global scale.

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