International reggae star Jesse Royal has joined Jamaican cannabis company JACANA to help drive the brand’s strategic direction. The appointment comes on the heels of Jesse Royal’s new single, ‘Natty Pablo,’ a tribute to Rastafarianism’s endurance. The partnership with JACANA will see him continue his advocacy for ganja liberalisation. 

Their first collaboration is JACANA’s new ORIGINAL line, which officially launched in Jamaica in February. Launched in 2018, JACANA has pioneered the development of medical grade, organic cannabis products. The ORIGINAL line provides affordable, high quality, clean flower-based products, with prices starting from J$360  per gram. 

In a press release, Jesse Royal said, “Everyone deserves the best. Jamaica is known for its high grade herb and JACANA is dedicated to delivering high quality herbs that everyone can afford. Time to end the picking and choosing of who gets the clean and pristine herbs.” 

Alexandra Chong, CEO and Founder of JACANA said, “As a proud Jamaican, I believe every Jamaican should be able to have access to safe, high quality, affordable cannabis, which we know provides wide-ranging health and therapeutic benefits. After more than three years of research and development at our organic farm in St. Ann, we are thrilled to introduce the ORIGINAL collection.” 

Chong added, “It’s an honour to welcome Jesse Royal to the JACANA family. Jesse is an extraordinary artist and we share many of his passions, including a deep respect for the plant and its positive impact on our society.  We are excited to collaborate with him in the coming months on a number of projects, including social justice reform and community initiatives.”

The ORIGINAL collection encompasses six JACANA-developed cannabis strains that meet JACANA’s international quality standards.

The ORIGINAL strains:

Herb Stallion — Indica  (21% THC) 

Uptown Cheese — Hybrid (19% THC)

Sky Juice — Sativa  (18% THC)

Lambs Bread — Sativa  (15% THC)

Grapefruit OG — Sativa (20% THC) 

Apple Laos — Sativa (17% THC)

ORIGINAL is available in Upper Manor Park Plaza (Shop #8 Upper Manor Park Plaza, Kingston 8) and Portmore (Rooftop of McMaster Plaza).


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