Entertainers Jesse Royal and Yaksta turned up the heat at last Tuesday’s 4/20 (International Peter Tosh Day) Cannabis Day and customer appreciation event at Jacana Therapeutics in Portmore, St Catherine.

Both entertained the socially distant, specially invited attendees with snippets of songs from their respective catalogues.

“To be honest, it was a breath of fresh air to be out socialising again with our culture. Being in the midst of some of the most iconic artistes whom I admire was a joy. I can’t wait for things to get back to where they were, if they ever do,” Yaksta told the Jamaica Observer.

Armed with Modern Day Judas and other songs, Jesse Royal — who is also Jacana’s newly appointed brand strategist — kept the good vibes flowing. Also spotted among the gathering were Dr Phillip Coombs, singers Lila Iké and Naomi Cowan, dancer and fashionista Desha Ravers, former national footballer/music producer Ricardo “Bibi” Gardner, and reggae artiste Dre Island.

Andrew Greaves, regional retail manager for Jacana Therapeutics, spoke about the significance of the celebrations.

“4/20 (International Peter Tosh Day) is just the celebration of the easing of the restrictions on the cannabis plant. It also signifies and celebrates the sacrifices that a lot of persons have made in trying to get the prohibition lifted for cannabis.”

He continued, “Jacana being the provider of the best organic cannabis in Jamaica, what a better way to celebrate the event than with a customer appreciation.”

Jacana Therapeutics currently has locations in Manor Park (for a little over a year) and Portmore (on the rooftop of the McMaster Plaza), which opened in February. The company has plans to open locations in Ocho Rios, St Ann and in New Kingston over the next few months.

“Being in Portmore has been awesome. We came to Portmore on the heels from requests of our customers. We saw where opening a dispensary in Portmore as the perfect opportunity, and the people in Portmore have been welcoming,” said Greaves.


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