Top 5 Jamaican Weed Destinations for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Jamaica has a unique cannabis culture, part recreational and part spiritual. Smoking weed (or ‘herb’) is part of the Rastafarian religious practice, and its farming is becoming an important part of the economy. 

Jamaican weed is known for its superior quality and is becoming a tourist drawcard in its own right. It’s easier than ever to create your very own ganja vacation. There are many weed tours in Jamaica that take you to cannabis hotspots and add a weed-infused twist to popular activities. As a result, it’s essential to do your research before you go, so you can be respectful of local laws and customs – and get the most out of your weed vacation.

Finding Safe & Reliable Cannabis Sources

When you visit Jamaica, you’ll probably be excited to try your first cannabis product. But, take the time to find high-quality, safe products to ensure that it’s a positive experience. We understand that it may be tempting to buy from a hawker on the beach, but it would be a shame to miss out on the best bud Jamaica has to offer.

This is why you’ve got to check out their dispensaries. In Jamaica, they’re aptly known as ‘herb houses,’ and you can usually enjoy your weed right there and then – taking the opportunity to unwind and hang out with some locals. Need some help? Their knowledgeable budtenders can guide you through their most-loved Jamaican cannabis strains. 

Jamaican Weed Experience in Kingston

The first of our favorite Jamaican weed destinations is the capital city, Kingston. Here, you’ll find two of our dispensaries. The New Kingston Dispensary, in particular, is well worth a visit. It’s our largest location, offering our full range of organic cannabis and CBD wellness products for you to explore and buy. (Don’t forget to visit our JACANA Café right next door to treat yourself to some delicious Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, too!)

We can’t forget to mention our JACANA Manor Park Dispensary, either. This was one of our first retail locations, and it differs from the New Kingston Dispensary – offering a more boutique-like experience. The setting is intentional, using retail and design to shift the misconceptions surrounding cannabis. And, of course, there’s a full variety of JACANA Cannabis and CBD Wellness products for you to try. Explore our premium range of flower, cartridges, vapes, CBD Wellness products, mushroom products, and more. 

Once you’ve visited a JACANA dispensary of your choice, heading to the Bob Marley Museum is practically mandatory. This Reggae legend remains a cannabis culture icon, so no weed tour is complete without a visit. The museum memorializes Marley the man, as well as Marley, the music legend. There are both personal artifacts as well as many of his gold and platinum records on display.

Bob Marley was perhaps the most famous Rastafari, and his religious beliefs were the source of his spiritual connection to the herb. For a uniquely authentic Rastafarian experience, visit the School of Vision Rasta Camp & Guesthouse in the Blue Mountains north of Kingston. The community welcomes visitors with open arms, inviting you to celebrate some of their sacred rituals with them. Enjoy the vegetarian “ital” meals and the spectacular views, and don’t miss the opportunity to learn Nyabinghi drumming! 

There are so many wonderful weed-friendly places to visit in and around Kingston. Look out for any cannabis events or festivals over the time you plan to visit – that’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Negril’s Laid-Back Vibe

Negril is a wonderful stop for any Jamaican weed vacation. It’s blessed with a combination of gorgeous beaches and a thriving local cannabis scene, the makings of an excellent weed tour, or an extended visit. From Seven Mile Beach to Bloody Bay, make sure you allow for plenty of sunshine and sea time. Up the adrenaline at Kool Runnings Water Park or walk on the beautiful wild side at Barney’s Flower & Hummingbird Garden.

This area has many cannabis-friendly accommodation options, from palatial seaside resorts to boutique hotels in the mountains. Most places encourage smoking on their grounds, although policies may vary when it comes to smoking in your room or suite. They usually provide either their own weed tours of Negril and its surrounds or can direct you to a trusted provider. Guided weed tours of Jamaica have something for everyone, from cannabis-infused cooking classes to visiting ganja farms.

Hidden Ganja Farms in Ocho Rios

A working cannabis farm is a fascinating place, but if you want to visit one, it should always be on an official tour. Be respectful of the time and access given to you – and take the opportunity to ask real questions and learn from these professionals. And if your vacation takes you to Ocho Rios, take the opportunity to visit some of Jamaica’s weed farms – starting with ours! 

The exclusive JACANA Cannabis Farm Tour gives you the opportunity to see the entire life cycle of the cannabis plant on Jamaica’s largest cannabis farm. This “seed to store” tour is at our farm in St Ann, approximately 30 minutes from Ocho Rios. And it often starts and ends at our new Ocho Rios dispensary in Island Village, where you can stock up on our top-quality cannabis products. Where else can you get the opportunity to enjoy a farm-to-table lunch and a Q&A session with real ganja farmers sharing generations of knowledge? 

High-Quality Local Strains in Montego Bay

Dispensaries usually divide weed strains into three main categories: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Sativa strains are the “morning coffee” of the weed world – they create a sense of alertness and are perfect for an active day. In contrast, Indica strains are the “nightcap,” with a more soothing effect. The Hybrid strains are a mix of Sativa and Indica strains, combining to create more tempered or balanced effects.

Jamaican weed is known for being excellent quality. One of the local strains you may come across in Montego Bay includes Sky Line, an energetic and uplifting Sativa strain. There’s also Venom OG, an Indica-dominant strain that produces a more relaxing effect. Alternatively, get the best of both worlds with the Mango Sherbert strain, a delicious Sativa-Indica Hybrid. Browse our site or head to one of our dispensaries, and one of our budtenders will find the perfect strain for you!

Portland’s Cannabis-Friendly Lodgings

Located on Jamaica’s north coast, Portland is a parish known for its natural beauty, ranging from beaches to caves, from mountains to rivers. It’s known for being an agricultural hub, growing bananas, coconut, breadfruit, and more.

It’s another very cannabis-friendly area and has an ample supply of weed-friendly accommodation options. At the Sea Cliff Resort, each room comes with a hammock, which should tell you everything you need to know about its laid-back vibe. 

Whichever Jamaican weed destination you choose, we know you’ll find a wealth of outstanding cannabis-themed experiences. Come for the top-quality weed and stay for the culture, food, and music – everything that makes Jamaica a true paradise on earth.


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