Jacana, Jamaica’s finest medical cannabis, officially launches its brand with the opening of its first store in Upper Manor Park Plaza, Kingston 8. 

From its state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical-grade lab and manufacturing facility in St. Ann, Jacana has developed four unique product lines, each tailored to meet specific effects; Joy, Peace, Passion, and Relief.  

  • Joy: a high energy range that helps to alleviate stress.  
  • Peace: a range to help promote deep and restful sleep.  
  • Passion: a seductive range that helps to stimulate the senses.
  • Relief: a range that helps with pain and inflammation, whether from injury, ageing or from the general wear and tear of modern life. 

Using advanced technology in plant science, Jacana has designed a system to make it easier for physicians and patients to understand which cannabis products to choose. Each category is carefully curated to activate the body’s natural cannabinoid receptors and to deliver the desired effects. After a consultation with a certified medical physician, customers are taken through an educational session in order to assist them in responsibly choosing the products that are right for them. Jacana’s future line of products will include oil tinctures, topical ointments, creams, and teas.

“The Jacana dispensary stands out from the rest, not only with the quality of products but also through the use of elegant design and a fantastic in-store customer experience that is not just educational but fun too. Upon first glance, the perception may be that purchasing from Jacana will mean higher prices, however, we have worked hard to ensure our pricing is in line with the current market.” – Nicole Walker, Director of Sales, Marketing & Communications. 

“It has been a dream to finally showcase the Jacana brand and the hard work our team has been doing over the last three years. We married Jamaica’s long-standing history of cannabis cultivation with elegant design and the quality control it deserves. It makes us proud to build a Jamaican cannabis brand that not just meets but exceeds international standards. To us, Made in Jamaica is the ultimate badge of honour.” – Alexandra Chong, Chief Executive Officer.

All products are sun-grown and cultivated using organic methods on Jacana’s 100-acre farm in the mountains of St. Ann.  There, the unique microclimate and latitude create the perfect conditions for cultivation. Jacana’s unique methods of production make them one of the most sustainable cannabis production facilities globally. 

This opening marks another exciting milestone for Jacana after it historically became Jamaica’s first company to export medical cannabis flowers and resin to Canada in 2018.


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