Growing Premium Cannabis: A Tale of Cultivation & Care

When the aim is to produce the best quality, cannabis growing is serious business. At JACANA, we take pride in our 100 acre organic farm, consistently producing the finest cannabis from our rich Jamaican soil. 

More than that, sustainable cannabis farming has become an integral part of the economy, creating jobs for decades to come. Every part of our team, from the farmers to the budtenders in our dispensaries, is dedicated to creating a premium experience for all of our customers, both locals and visitors.

JACANA has become synonymous with excellence in cannabis cultivation. Our holistic mindset is not only focused on our products but also takes into account uplifting the local community. Come along on the cannabis-growing journey with us, from seed to dispensary, with exclusive insights straight from our farm in St Ann, Jamaica.

Creating the Ideal Environment

Soil preparation plays a critical role in cannabis cultivation. Creating the ideal environment for robust plant growth is the foundation of any successful planting enterprise, whether it’s in your backyard or on a commercial farm. 

The soil must be rich in the nutrients needed for our cannabis plants to thrive. Here in Jamaica, we have an advantage: the mineral-rich soils and ever-present sunshine create the ideal environment for cultivating cannabis.

We pour love into our soil by carefully maintaining the right combination of nutrients tailored to the JACANA cannabis strains. Cannabis plants grow best in soil that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, and other minerals and nutrients. Our organic composts and manure are chosen to help maintain the right balance in the soil, keeping it healthy and fertile.

Choosing the Perfect Genetics

JACANA is particularly meticulous in approaching seed quality and the nurturing of young plants. We safeguard some of Jamaica’s most iconic landrace strains, such as Jamaican Lamb’s Bread, and King’s Bread, which are endemic to our area. Landrace strains, also called “pure” strains as they are generally pure indica or sativa, evolved naturally in the places where they are still cultivated today, making them a part of our unique local heritage.

When selecting strains for cultivation, landrace, or hybrid, our focus is always on our consumer and their experience. This is why we cultivate a select cross-section of the highest quality cannabis plants, nurturing them from seed to flowering. All of our cannabis is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure that the quality is consistent and the results are always satisfying.

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Creating a Responsible Cannabis Growing Environment

Every step that we take in our cannabis cultivation process takes the environment into account. Without the support of the natural world, our farmers would not be able to produce the outstanding quality cannabis that has become our signature. It is our responsibility to tread lightly on the earth, which is why sustainability is our top priority. All of our products are organically farmed, without harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Once the soil is prepped and the perfect seed is chosen, the final factors to consider are light, temperature, and humidity. The Jamaican climate does much of the work for us here, with seemingly endless gentle sunshine and the Caribbean year-round humidity. 

As a result, we are able to grow our cannabis strains without the need for external temperature controls and lighting, both of which can have a heavy carbon footprint. These natural cultivation techniques are not only responsible but also create an ideal environment for cannabinoid and terpene production, resulting in premium, potent strains. It makes us one of the most sustainable cannabis farms globally.

Meet the Masters of Cannabis Cultivation

Did you know that you can visit our farm for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the JACANA cannabis growing process? See the full lifecycle of the cannabis plant at each of the different cannabis grow stages and sit down for a farm-to-table lunch with our experienced ganja farmers. 

Don’t miss the chance to ask every burning question you’ve ever had – book a farm tour and gain hands-on insight into how we grow our premium cannabis.